Why integrate with My Own CFO?

3 Steps to drive client engagement and build Advisory revenue:

1. Free software for your Practice - very low cost per client

2. Action List - points you to where you can improve profit and cash right now

3. Increase productivity - no data input, effortless interpretation of business performance

After you've signed up for the free Advisor Portal and added Clients' data you can invite them to use My Own CFO.

Why should your clients use My Own CFO?

1. Sustainability of Emerging Businesses

Startup and emerging businesses face many challenges on the journey to creating a sustainable business model.

In combination with the personal support and advice provided by Advisors, My Own CFO provides managers with relevant, real-time data supporting well-informed decisions about cash flow management and other aspects of business performance.

2. Reinforcing Advisor Engagement

The My Own CFO app reinforces engagement between emerging business managers and their Advisors through regular prompts and commentary encouraging timely advice to be obtained.

Startup business owners that don't yet have Advisors but who use My Own CFO are referred to appropriate Advisors early during their interaction with the app and encouraged to engage with trusted advisors.

3. Knowledge and Confidence to Deal with Difficult Challenges

My Own CFO uses innovative business KPIs and measures financial performance in a clear, easy to follow way. You enable your client to see their business performance without the need for them to access their accounting software.

The commentary presented in the Drill Down screens and tailored Action List help owners and managers to understand the importance of timely responses to negative cash influences.

In this way, we hope to build on the knowledge and advice that Advisors provide on a regular basis.

Nathan Devlin, Personal Trainer
Craft Beer Bar owner

Nathan Devlin, Personal Trainer and Craft Beer Bar owner, Brisbane Australia