About Us

Prior to My Own CFO, co-founders Dave and Wes both managed, bought and sold businesses in the US, UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia. As qualified accountants we have used great financial systems and bear the scars of poor ones!

This experience of diverse markets and cultures has demonstrated that, although every business is different, the #1 challenge in any business remains managing cash flow efficiently. Those that do it well create sustainable, exciting businesses with the potential to grow.

The advent of online accounting software with the ability to add-on industry or process specific applications has meant that managers can now have just the right information for each phase in the business growth cycle. Mobile devices bring this powerful combination into the hands of business managers.

It has also meant that accountants and bookkeepers transition from perceived number-crunchers to the business growth experts they have always been.

Nothing can replace the support that trusted advisors provide. We devised My Own CFO to bridge the gap between regular catch ups.

My Own CFO provides managers of emerging business with real-time analysis of business performance and shows clearly how cash flow can be increased.

We developed intuitive key indicators that explain how cash has been generated or spent together with an action list and reports that will prompt improvement on the way to sustainability.

David & Wessel